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I wish I could summarize in a quick catchy tagline what this brewery is all about, but it’s far too complex to throw a catchphrase at it. Yes, we are about great beer, yes we are about community, but it goes so much deeper than that. We figured the best way to dig in and tell you all about it is to write our story. 

While the idea of opening a new brewery has been in the works for nearly three years, the concept of what type of brewery we wanted to create was inspired, believe it or not, from the first day we met. In October 2006, I went to Gasthof’s Oktoberfest in Northeast Minneapolis with some friends. It was there I laid eyes on Aaron, donning authentic leather lederhosen (which I came to find out he had just purchased while in Munich for the actual Oktoberfest a few weeks prior). He was a sight to be seen and I knew from the moment I saw him he must have some character. Our eyes locked and our first clink of the stein together was a Hefeweizen.  It was that night that we met that he told me of his dream to open a winery. You’ve probably heard about the story of us starting a vineyard, winery, and then a brewery in Waconia, MN.

Needless to say, when we saw an opportunity to open a brewery and taproom to showcase our brews separate from the winery tasting room atmosphere, we jumped at the chance.  And with Chaska’s rich brewing history and German heritage, it was serendipitous to carry this German-inspired brewery concept out in Chaska.  


While we think it is fate that brought us together initially, we believe it is also what brought us to open this brewery in Chaska. We’re honored to be a part of a city rich with history, traditions….and most importantly, beer.



Did you know that very near to where this brewery sits, there used to be a meeting spot circa 1915 for a club called the Schnitzelbank Club? The “club” was a group that would meet for “music, fun, and beer.” Whaaaaaat?! I mean… why wouldn’t we replicate a club like that?


These history books were dripping with German-influenced, brewing history and we knew we were dealt the right cards with Chaska. Bringing some of these concepts back with a modern play on old traditions was achievable and realistic. We’ve incorporated some of this historical influence in our design, glassware, and some subtle architectural details (ie. can you find the hidden message in our Chaska brick walls?).


Come on up to our HAUS!

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